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TERMAC Consultancy & Research is full of passion for & highly experienced with the Cooperative Business Models (CBMs), their performance, their impact on global sustainability and their contribution to the economic development of societies.

TERMAC advocates actively the cooperative approach as an alternative and sustainable business model to face the economic crises. 

TERMAC is inspired by the well-performed Dutch CBMs in banking, insurance, energy, water, agriculture processing and other sectors.  

TERMAC Consultancy & Research provides effective and efficient solutions towards better performing and sustainable businesses, promising a professional and a highly experienced approach.  

Cooperative Business Models
Cooperative Banking & Insurance
Cooperative Financial Solutions
Insurance cooperatives
Energy Cooperatives
Water Cooperatives
Agricultural Farmers Cooperative

Performance & Efficiency Measurement
Impact Assessment & Evaluation 
Sustainability Measurement
Integral Sustainability Index 

Efficiency of Natural Resources  
Cooperatives & Rural Development
Renewable & fosil Energy
Assessment of Environmental strategies
GHG Emission Calculation
Environmental Impact 
 Environmental Innovations
Environmental Performance
Cooperatives & the Environment
Agricultural Sectors 
Quantitative Techniques
Prices & Management Strategies
Multi-Objective Modeling
Frontier Analysis & 
Overall Efficiency
Demand Forecasting
Policy Evaluation & Scenarios analysis
Opertional research & logistics

What We Do
Our Insight
About Us